‘Occupy Biden’ forms weeklong camp near Delaware residence, demands president declare ‘climate emergency’


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Protesters with a group called “Occupy Biden” have spent the past week in President Biden’s Delaware neighborhood calling on him to declare a “national climate emergency.”

According to a description for the protest, which took place near President Biden’s residence in Delaware, the group said that “nonviolent action” is needed in order to push President Biden towards making changes to his climate policy.

On Saturday, the final day of the group’s protest, individuals protested on a road near the president’s house while members of the Secret Service were nearby monitoring the group. 

The protesters held signs reading “declare a climate emergency” and kneeled in front of Secret Service members.

Karen Igou, a spokesperson for Occupy Biden, told Fox News that she read the group’s demands to the U.S. Secret Service in hopes of reaching President…

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