Obama’s Las Vegas Rally a Last-Ditch Pitch to Keep Nevada Blue


If there is one countrywide confluence of midterm election outcomes that could determine which party controls Congress in 2023, it is in Las Vegas.

Three of Nevada’s four House seats, and one of the state’s Senate seats, all now occupied by Democrat incumbents seeking reelection, are up for grabs in the Nov. 8 midterm elections against polished Republican challengers who sense a red wave coming in a state with a history of red and blue swing elections.

All four races—as well as Clark County Sheriff and GOP gubernatorial candidate Joe Lombardo’s contest with incumbent Democrat Gov. Steve Sisolak—are tossups with election forecasters and polls rarely giving any candidate an edge beyond a margin of error.

And Las Vegas, Nevada’s biggest city in Nevada’s biggest county—Clark County, where nearly 75 percent of the state’s residents live—is the epicenter of it all.

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