NYPD rookie sorry for giving lieutenant Christmas Party lap dance


The NYPD rookie caught on tape giving her lieutenant a bawdy lap dance at their precinct holiday party apologized to her boss and his wife — as she insisted that the video wouldn’t have gone viral “had it been a man doing it.”

“I feel like just because, mainly — I’m a female, dressed the way I was, being a rookie ‚— things were different,” Vera Mekuli told TMZ. “Had it been a man doing it, I feel like it would have been more of a joking matter and it would have stayed in-house versus go public the way it did with me.”

Mekuli, 26, “had no knowledge” her superior was married and is “truly sorry” for the consequences of the lap dance, which prompted police brass to reassign 44th Precinct Lt. Nick McGarry to subway patrol, she said.

“I do want to apologize to the lieutenant’s wife. You know, I am sorry, truly I am and I really hope it…

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