Nunes appealing defamation lawsuit dismissed by Albemarle County court | Crime News


“In early May 2018, as part of its opposition research on Nunes, Fusion GPS found an obscure bit of litigation involving a former employee of the Alpha Omega Winery. Fusion GPS used the litigation to concoct a false story that would link Nunes to a yacht party, cocaine and underage prostitutes,” Nunes’ petition for appeal reads. “Fusion GPS engaged Mair, an expert in smear campaigns, as an intermediary to present the false narrative to the Fresno Bee.”

The petition also claims that Fusion GPS and Mair knew that McClatchy and the Fresno Bee “had an axe to grind against Nunes, and would be willing participants in the scheme to defame Nunes.”

Nunes’ petition for appeal goes on to argue that, when viewed in the light most favorable to Nunes, Mair’s words are actionable and accuses the congressman of “unlawful and unethical conduct.”

“Mair and McClatchy impute to…

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