No coronation for Donald Trump in ‘24


Yes, I said it: We don’t do coronations in the Republican Party, not even for Donald Trump. Three weeks ago, I shared my thoughts on the 2024 presidential election and made three predictions: 1) Trump will not run for president, 2) Ron DeSantis will run regardless, and 3) DeSantis could beat Trump in a Presidential Primary.

And then all hell broke loose.

Overnight I’ve become a pariah within the Republican Party. I’ve been vilified by many of my supporters and called out as a “RINO,” “sellout,” a “traitor fit for GITMO,” and publicly denounced as a “Never Trumper.”

To set the record straight, I am not a “Never Trumper. “But I’m also not an “Only Trumper.”

I supported Trump and voted for him twice. I was honored to speak onstage with Ivanka Trump in Fort Myers to support President Trump’s re-election. Trump understood middle-America’s resentment of…

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