NJ GOP gov candidate Jack Ciattarelli rips ‘tone deaf elitist’ Phil Murphy as polls narrow

New Jersey businessman and former state lawmaker Jack Ciattarelli told Fox News on Wednesday that despite his race being the less narrow of the two governors races this November, he and his team are confident they can pull off an upset and unseat liberal Democratic Gov. Philip Murphy.

Ciattarelli told “Hannity” that despite about a 10-point polling deficit, he predicts the polls will continue to narrow as November 2 approaches in the Garden State – pointing out that despite its liberal bent, the state’s voters have elected Republicans to Trenton in six of the last ten races.

“If you look at history we do win races but don’t get ahead until Election Day,” he said. “We are in a better position than previous candidates. We will carve out the razor-thin margin.”

The state’s last Republican governor, Chris Christie, saw his lieutenant, Kimberly Guadagno, lose to Murphy four years ago…

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