Nikki Haley’s Hypocrisy and Faux Outrage Over Ukraine


Nikki Haley smells an opportunity. Donald Trump’s U.S. ambassador to the United Nations is getting ready to run for president in 2024, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has given her a chance to talk about foreign policy. But Haley isn’t using that chance to educate the public or offer sound advice. She’s using it to do what she has always done: preen, moralize, and insult the intelligence of her audience.

Since the invasion began, Haley has been a regular on Fox News, talking tough and accusing President Biden of failing to take Vladimir Putin seriously. She pretends to have known all along that Putin would attack. “When an evil dictator thug says they’re going to do something, we need to believe them,” she told Dave Rubin in an interview posted on Monday. “Putin said he was going to take Ukraine, and he is.”

Haley is whitewashing her record. She didn’t think…

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