Nikki Haley: Biden Is Right To Call Russian Invasion A ‘Genocide’


Listen To The Full Interview Below:

Nikki Haley, Former Governor of South Carolina, and Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations joined the Guy Benson Show to discuss Biden’s assertion that Russia is carrying out a genocide in Ukraine.

Haley reacted to Biden’s genocide remark by saying,

“I will tell you, I think that this is genocide, anytime you try and eliminate the existence of the people, that’s genocide. And you know, again, that shows bureaucracies kind of taking time to define it as such. But I agree with Biden that it is genocide. I think that it’s been genocide, and this isn’t a new revelation. You know, the part that bothers me is why is Zelensky having to beg for anything? This is not just a war with Ukraine. This is a war for freedom.”

Haley added,

“You know, there’s a lot we need to do, but what I can tell you is Zelensky should not have…

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