Nikki Haley and Other Doomed Candidates Could Help Trump Survive a Primary


There’s a famous scene in Austin Powers, where Mike Myers runs over a security guard with a steamroller. What makes this horrific act funny is that the steamroller looks to be going about 2 mph, and the security guard (who is at least 30 feet away) just stands there yelling “STOP!” for what feels like 10 seconds before he is, inevitably, squashed.

I thought of this scene recently when contemplating the nascent 2024 Republican presidential primary. Everyone can see Trump, who is a disaster, lumbering in slow motion. The key to avoiding the fiasco he represents—for the country and for the GOP—is both simple and obvious.

Keep the field small. Get the hell out of the way.

This dynamic is no secret to Trump or his team, according to the Washington Examiner. “More than a half dozen Trumpworld advisers, former administration officials, and campaign operatives told the Washington…

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