NHL delays return to play until Dec. 28


The NHL will resume play Tuesday to allow the League to analyze COVID-19 test results and assess readiness to play.

Teams will return from the holiday break to practice Sunday. The season was expected to start back with 14 games Monday, but those games have been postponed.

The League began the holiday break Dec. 22.

The NHL now has postponed 64 games this season. That led to the decision to not participate in the 2022 Beijing Olympics. The NHL was planning to pause the season from Feb. 6-22 to allow players to participate, but that block now will be used to reschedule some of the postponed games.

“We’ve sent out communication with clubs and we’re trying to confirm their open building dates, which we have a sense of from earlier communications earlier in the season,” NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly said Thursday. “We obviously will work very close with the Players’ Association. I do…

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