News Journal archives Castro leads Cuban rebels, Pelosi new House speaker


“Pages of history” features excerpts from The News Journal archives including the Wilmington Morning News, The Morning News, the Every Evening and the Evening Journal.

Jan. 2, 1959, Journal – Every Evening

Rebel troops enter Havana; truckloads of Castro fighters roll into capital

Advance spearheads of Fidel Castro’s revolutionary forces entered the city of Havana today.

Truckloads of bearded guerrilla fighters rolled in over the main central highway from the eastern provinces of Matanzas and Las Villas, and sped along the Malecón Sea Boulevard toward the former military headquarters of deposed President Fulgencio Batista at Camp Columbia.

As the Castro forces advanced, Cuba’s 6,300,000 war-weary people had two provisional presidents. Neither occupied the chair vacated by the dictator Batista, who fled in the darkness in the early morning New Year’s Day.

The streets of Havana were…

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