News – China’s Subsidies Are Destroying America


Here’s an exceedingly stupid take on Communist China using subsidies to eviscerate the US economy.

China’s Export Subsidies Are a Gift:

“(We should be) making a beeline to the nearest Hallmark store to buy thank you cards to send to the Chinese government for the subsidies it provides to Chinese exporters….”

This was published just this past September.  After almost two years of the global lockdown – and more than six months of the all-encompassing US supply chain shortage – caused by just one China (and US)-subsidized Chinese export – the Coronavirus.

Importing Government Subsidies: The Worst of Fake ‘Free Trade’

To witness all the damage our lack of domestic production has done – and the China Virus has exposed and exacerbated – and then say we should be thanking China for doing it all to us?  Is a whole new level of…

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