New York Democrat Michael Gianaris once railed against gerrymander is now pushing for it


Michael Gianaris, the powerful state Senate deputy majority leader, was against gerrymandering before he was for it.

The Democratic senator from Queens is being called out for a trail of comments he made a decade ago claiming he opposed gerrymandering of legislative maps to benefit a political party — when Republicans were in control.

In 2011, Gianaris complained about how Republicans who controlled the state Senate redrew the districts to benefit GOP candidates

But reformer Gianaris has changed his tune now that he and the Democrats control the state Senate and he approved redistricting plans that independent experts agree could greatly boost Democratic representation and cut GOP representation in Congress in half.

“Leg. district lines must not be drawn in a manipulated, partisan manner,” Gianaris railed in an Aug. 31, 2011 tweet.


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