New Senate poll | Indy Dems head resigns


The Democrats are thrilled with the release of a poll from the Tom McDermott campaign showing he is only trailing Sen. Todd Young in the U.S by 3 percentage points in a race that’s largely been viewed as uncompetitive.

Yes, it’s only one poll and it’s a poll released by a campaign, but in a race with no external public polls it at least provides Hoosiers with an inside look at the race at the top of the ballot.

It also gave us a look at how Hoosiers feel about abortion, after the overturn of Roe v. Wade and subsequent passage of a near-total abortion ban in the state. Of those California-based Change Research surveyed in Indiana, 49% said they would support candidates who would protect abortion rights, while only 25% said they would support candidates who would restrict abortion. The remaining 26% said abortion was unlikely to impact their choice.

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