New record high average gas price per gallon reached in Mississippi, U.S. | Mississippi Politics and News


Governor Reeves says President Biden is setting records in all the wrong places.

On Monday, Mississippi reached a new record high average gas price per gallon, according to AAA.  That average shows the Magnolia State at $4.075 per gallon.

But Mississippi was not alone. The United States reached a new high as well, with $4.483 per gallon.

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves took note of the new records, placing blame on the Biden Administration’s energy policies in a tweet.

“POTUS [Biden] still setting records in all the wrong places,” Reeves wrote, “Today, sky-high diesel.  Instead of forcing Americans to pay more at the pump, Biden should unleash the energy sector to drive down prices.  Red states continuing to pick up his slack & implement common sense energy policies!”

The new high average in Mississippi is up $1.35 from this day last year, and the U.S. high average…

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