New Hampshire GOP Is Thirsting for Ron DeSantis, but He’s Making Them Wait


New Hampshire Republicans have become accustomed to having their dream presidential candidates materialize in front of them before an invitation is even extended.

Yet the decision of one potential candidate to stay away until the end of the cycle has made him all the more interesting to 2024-thirsty Granite Staters.

The more Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has demurred, the more insatiable the demand has grown from New Hampshire Republicans to kick the tires on Florida’s “Top Gov,” as he referred to himself in a recent campaign ad.

“I think DeSantis — maybe, because it’s something we don’t have and he hasn’t been here yet — that he’s the number one person people are trying to get here,” a Republican National committee member told The Daily Beast, requesting anonymity to discuss sensitive internal conversations ahead of the primary.

Dante Scala, a professor of political…

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