New 13-lot residential development planned in Erin


An Erin councillor is expressing concerns about a proposed residential complex in Ospringe and how will it impact drainage in a nearby neighbhourhood.

Addressing the matter during a recent town council meeting, Coun. John Brennan said he was worried about the stormwater management of the complex, as there is another one nearby.

“We have a field there absorbing all of what Mother Nature dumps on it,” said Brennan. “We’re going to put a street in there, 13 houses, and we’re going to have all of that flowing down to this one corner where the existing houses are.”

He would like town technical staff to review the area, as he’s worried the amount of water would affect the neighbouring residents on the downslope of that area.

However, a planner for the proponent said their stormwater plan is carefully designed to avoid such conflicts.

“We have done stormwater management and…

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