‘Never-Trumper’ pollster says more Republicans are prepared to turn away from ex-president amid Jan 6 hearings


Sarah Longwell did not try for even a moment to pretend she liked Donald Trump.

A long-time GOP activist and political strategist, she opposed his nomination to be the Republican presidential candidate back in 2016, arguing that Trump and the things he represented were bad for her and bad for her party. For many years, she has worn the label “Never Trumper” with pride.

Against the backdrop of the Jan 6 committee hearings, Longwell, who is in her 40s, claims an increasing number of Republicans are now ready to “move on” from the former president, and throw their support behind another candidate.

And she says she has the data, in the form of focus group meetings of Republicans that she has been conducting for years.

She says even though few ordinary members of the public have been sitting and listening to the hearings, which have suggested the former president went to extraordinary…

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