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Netanyahu Doesn’t Need Trump Anymore. He Should Say So.


“Nobody shoots at Santa Claus” is a timeless political maxim attributed to Al Smith, a critic of President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal generosity to voters.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, like most Jews, wasn’t raised to believe in Santa Claus. Then he met Donald Trump and started a friendship that served him well — until it didn’t.

To Bibi, the American president was a department store Santa who actually owned the emporium. He showered Israel with dazzling gifts: Recognition of Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights, a US embassy in Jerusalem, the US-brokered diplomatic deal with Arab nations known as the Abraham Accords, and a Palestinian peace plan tailored to Bibi’s specifications. Trump even tore up the Iranian nuclear deal struck by his predecessor, an agreement that Israel had strenuously opposed.

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