Nelson Mandela: South Africa’s culture minister calls for sale of Robben Island prison key to be cancelled | World News


A South African minister has called for a US auction house to cancel the sale of a key to the Robben Island prison cell, where Nelson Mandela was jailed.

The key is among several pieces of memorabilia linked to Mr Mandela being sold by Guernsey’s – an auction house in New York on 28 January.

Most of the items have been provided by the former president’s family to help raise money for a museum and garden around his grave in Qunu, a village in eastern South Africa where Mr Mandela was born.

Mr Mandela, who was imprisoned for his opposition to the apartheid regime in South Africa, visited Robben Island with Bill Clinton in 1998. Pic: AP

A former prison officer, who became friends with Mr Mandela, is selling the key.

‘Key belongs to people of South Africa’

But South Africa’s minister for sport, arts and…

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