Neil Young shares documentary capturing making of album ‘Barn’


It shows the band’s ‘raw’ music making process

Author: Hazel ScottPublished 2 hours ago
Last updated 2 hours ago

Neil Young and his long-time band Crazy Horse released their latest album ‘Barn‘ on 10th December 2021, and fans can now watch a documentary which captures the behind the scenes of creating the album.

The music on the new album is different to the 13 albums the band have previously released together, which Neil explained: ‘These are new times, with new songs and feelings after what our world has been through and continues to face. The music we are making for our souls. It’s like fresh water on a desert. Life is going on.’

The documentary following the making of the album is also called Barn, and was directed by actress and director Daryl Hannah. Footage was captured as the band worked on the album together in the summer of 2021, in their current practice space – a 19th…

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