Neil Young releases ‘Summer Songs’ album recorded in 1987


The album includes eight songs recorded in 1987

Author: Hazel ScottPublished 3 hours ago
Last updated 3 hours ago

Neil Young gave fans a special treat this Christmas with the release of an album of songs recorded in 1987 called ‘Summer Songs’. Since 2009, along with releasing new material, Neil has been releasing music from his archives including previously unreleased recordings and alternate versions of his songs.

Neil has planned for a total of five box-set albums to be released, with each box set split into different time periods from his career. The ‘Summer Songs’ album is part of his ‘Neil Young Archives Volume III’ release which includes music from 1976 through the 1980s.

The eight songs on the album were recorded at the Broken Arrow Ranch in Redwood City, California, and while it is unclear whether the album was made with the help of anyone else, Neil is the one who plays all of…

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