Nancy Pelosi’s Son Tied to Paper Trail of Alleged Fraud, Five Companies Probed by Feds


The son of one of the most powerful Democratic politicians in the U.S. has found himself ensconced in controversy this week.

This time, the son in question is not Hunter Biden, the president’s son, who has been at the center of scandal after scandal since before his father even entered the White House.

Instead, it is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s son — Paul Pelosi Jr. — who is making headlines.

According to the U.K.’s Daily Mail, “a shocking paper trail” ties the younger Pelosi to five companies that have all been probed by federal agencies for crimes such as fraud.

Of note, Paul Pelosi Jr. himself has never been charged, the Mail reported.


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The report found the following connections, some thinner than others, between Paul Pelosi Jr. and instances of corruption:


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