Nancy Pelosi tells donors Democrats need to be more ‘boastful’ about Biden’s ‘accomplishments’


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told donors that Democrats need to brag more about President Biden’s accomplishments in a call on Monday.

She also said that the president’s Build Back Better plan, now in limbo after failing to pass before the holiday, is ‘transformative,’ but Democrats should shy away from the word. 

The speaker said that Democrats need to be more boastful about the BBB plan and ‘brag more about what we have been doing.’ 

‘And we have to [brag] in a more forceful way, in a more unified way. Under his leadership, President Biden has already produced 6 million jobs. His predecessor was producing 30,000 jobs a month, he’s [Biden] already produced 6 million jobs with his initiatives,’ Pelosi, D-Calif., said, according to Punchbowl News. 

Democrats have debated whether to call the Build Back Better (BBB) plan ‘transformational’ or ‘transformative.’ 

‘So this is…

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