Nancy Pelosi says House will vote on bill to punish China for alleged treatment of Uyghur Muslims


China has come under fire for its alleged human rights abuses in the form of its treatment of its Uyghur Muslim community. US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that the House would come to a vote on a piece of legislation aimed to punish China for its treatment of the Muslim minority.

Bloomberg reports that the House will come to a vote on a bill that seeks to punish China for its alleged treatment of Uyghur Muslims. Pelosi said that the vote may be done this week on the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, which will direct the US Department of Homeland Security to create a list of entities that collaborate with the Chinese government in the treatment of the Uyghurs in Xinjiang and other minority groups.

A provision on the bill would assume that all goods coming from China were made with forced labor unless the head of the US Customs and Border Patrol makes an…

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