Murib: Why it’s time for the filibuster to go


Colorado is a special place — we all know this. We’re a strong competitor for “Least Humble” among 49 lesser states that make up the Sort-Of-United States of America. But isn’t that what makes us so special?

Shad Murib

We’re a national leader for a lot of reasons: the best beer, the worst NFL coaching staff and Pueblo green chile. But perhaps what we should be most proud of is that we’ve had some of the nation’s best voting laws since 2013. Every voter in our state gets a ballot in the mail that can be dropped off or mailed back; one can register to vote in that year’s election right up until polls close; we audit our elections for fairness and accuracy; and we’ve made it easier than ever for tribal members to participate in elections.

Every state deserves these rights, and that’s why it’s time…

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