Morgan Wallen Crushes Media, Cancel Culture With Shocking Music Win


Morgan Wallen said a word that’s no longer allowed to be spoken in society (unless your name is Hunter Biden, then all is forgiven).

For that, the country sensation suffered a humiliating blow to his music career. Several, actually.

  • His record label suspended him
  • iHeartMedia yanked his songs from the massive platform
  • Cumulus Media did the same, as did Pandora and SiriusXM
  • CMT canceled his music
  • The Country Music Awards disinvited him from its annual showcase

Wallen immediately apologized for using the “n-word” in a private conversation captured on video and shared for all to see and hear.

His apology tour didn’t stop there.

He donated $500,000 to various black causes. He admitted himself into a rehab facility and shuttered his upcoming concert tour. And yet it wasn’t enough for either Cancel Culture or the media outlets that fuel it.

Reporters suggested his punishment needed…

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