MLB, Masters coverage hit embarrassing new lows – The Madison Leader Gazette


I’ve been writing this column a long time, 40 years. Well, not this column, but several thousand before it. Whatever, I was never witness to anything quite like what we were urged to endure this past weekend. 

Let’s start with that exclusive Apple TV streamed production of the Mets’ second game of the season, Friday at the Nationals — a train wreck colliding with a ship wreck, a total betrayal of baseball and its increasingly disgusted, disenfranchised fans as per Rob Manfred’s eagerness to serve as MLB’s madam, its fans as Johns. 

That this was a “first ones are free!” come-on made no difference as it was worth less than nothing. That Apple, with Manfred’s show-me-the-money, blind assent was so pitifully unprepared for such an important sell of its exclusivity — purchased from MLB on the quiet — can only be placed upon Manfred’s desk. 

As a marketing…

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