Mitch McConnell’s Infamous Confederate Flag Photo Resurfaces After He Shuts Down $2,000 Payments


A photo of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell smiling in front of a Confederate battle flag has resurfaced this week after he blocked a larger stimulus check from passing. Both Republican and Democrat lawmakers and President Donald Trump supported the $2,000 financial relief, yet McConnell was able to stave it off, according to a report by Newsweek. Now, many angry Americans are looking back on McConnell’s sordid history as a lawmaker.

McConnell is smiling and either accepting or giving an award in the now-viral photo where he stands in front of a massive Confederate flag. The picture has circulated since at least 2015, but according to a Snopes report, its details are still unclear. The photo seems to have been taken in the early 1990s, at an event hosted by the Sons of Confederate Veterans — a group whose motives have often been questioned. While it claims to be an…

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