Mitch McConnell States That Manchin Would Be Comfortable On Their Side

Mitch McConnell

Mitch McConnell is presently the Senate Minority Head. The Kentucky hailing politician declared that the Republicans would love to have Senator Joe Manchin, should he choose to deflect. He believes that the Republican party will be much more comfortable for him. 

In an interview with American Reports, Mitch McConnell explained that coming over to their side would be a simple answer to Manchin’s problem. He assured that Manchin will be given respect and will be in agreement with his new party. 

Rumors of Manchin’s deflection have sent shockwaves across Washington. The news has not been confirmed. The rumors started right after Manchin promised to downvote President Joe Biden’s BBB bill. If Manchin did switch parties, it would allow the Grand Old Party total control over the Senate, with a majority of 51 senators.

Mitch McConnell Declares He Will Welcome Joe

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