Missing Gina Carano? Here’s Where You Can See Her Next


Following the controversies surrounding Gina Carona and ‘The Mandalorian,’ people are curious as to when they might expect to see her next. So, if you are unaware of what has been going on, let us address it.

Gina Carano’s contract was terminated earlier this year. The former MMA fighter is now plotting a return to the giant screen. With the backing of conservative media outlet the Daily Wire. Gina is on the point of exacting her vengeance. Gina Carano has already begun work on her next movie.

“This is just the beginning… welcome to the rebellion,” Carano tweeted in February, after retweeting Shapiro’s tweet announcing the new enterprise. Watch the tweet below.

Where Can We See Gina Carona In The Near Future?

Carano announced a new…

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