Minnesota man who allegedly tried to mug elderly woman at Walgreens turned into cops by his own mom


Minnesota investigators looking for a man captured on surveillance video allegedly knocking an elderly woman down while trying to snatch her purse as she walked into a Walgreens were tipped off as to the identity of the man by his own mother.

Isaiah Jamal Foster, 18, of Richfield, was already in the Ramsey County Jail in connection with a Tuesday carjacking of a woman and her young child, the St Paul Police Department said. His mother called the police and turned her son in to authorities, a police spokesperson told Fox News. 

An 81-year-old woman was injured when a suspect thief tried ripping her purse from her as she was entering a Minnesota Walgreens in broad daylight. 
(St.Paul Police Department )

Now he faces first-degree aggravated attempted robbery and third-degree assault resulting in substantial bodily harm for the Dec. 23 robbery outside the convenience…

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