Millionaire Hot Seat: Can you answer the questions to win $1 million?


A contestant has taken home the $1 million prize for only the second time in Millionaire Hot Seat history. Can you answer all their questions correctly?

Quiz show Millionaire Hot Seat gave away the $1 million grand prize during Thursday’s episode – only the second time in the history of the show that has happened.

The lucky contestant was 57-year-old Melbourne retail worker Antony McManus, who told he was “stunned” after the episode was filmed back in May.

“It was crazy. I’d won the million dollars, and they were saying to me, ‘Are you OK to get home?’ and I’m going, ‘Yeah, I’ll be fine.’ And all of a sudden, I was standing out in the street with a bottle of champagne in my hand, thinking, ‘What the hell has just happened?’” he said of the massive win.

Mr McManus revealed he returned home to his husband Ron and, at first, told him he’d won…

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