Merrick Garland testifies in House with US Capitol riots, abortion, vaccine and voting-rights fights ongoing

Lawmakers will be questioning Garland at the same time the full House prepares to approve a criminal contempt resolution for Steve Bannon. The move that will put before the department a decision on whether to prosecute the adviser to former President Donald Trump for his refusal to cooperate in the House’s January 6 insurrection investigation.

In addition to the Bannon contempt referral, lawmakers may seek to question Garland about the department’s broader response to the Capitol attack, as it has charged more than 600 people who allegedly participated in the mob.

Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, according to excerpts of his prepared opening statement shared with CNN, will commend the department “for doing the important work of bringing those responsible for the violence of January 6 to justice.”

“I ask only that you continue to follow the facts and the law where they lead…

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