Members of Congress Claim FBI Is Being Weaponized Against GOP


Republicans in Congress continue to attack the FBI, accusing the agency of targeting conservatives.

Representative Devin Nunes is the latest to blast the FBI Director Christopher Wray for weaponizing the DOJ and the FBI against Republicans. Conservatives note FBI “leaks” that are reported in the mainstream media are often against the GOP, but not as often against Democrats. One example: recent misconduct allegations against Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz. Some accuse the FBI themselves of leaking information in their investigation to the public, but not everyone agrees.

“I’m not saying the FBI doesn’t, on occasion, leaks, but I’m not so sure I agree with the idea that they necessarily did the leaks,” Danny Coulson, a former Deputy Assistant Director of the FBI, said. “I think the greater weight of the evidence is that somebody else did it, made a compliant to the…

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