Mehmet Oz makes his final pitch to voters at rally with Nikki Haley: “This is bigger than Pennsylvania”


Mehmet Oz made his final pitch to voters at a rally the night before Election Day, saying, “this is bigger than Pennsylvania.”

The hotly-contested Pennsylvania Senate race between Republican Oz and Democrat John Fetterman has had outsized importance in the fight for Senate control.

In his final message before voters hit the polls Tuesday, Oz hit hard on a few major issues that have been consistent and effective throughout his campaign: The economy, crime, fentanyl overdoses and the border.

And he once again asked his supporters to reach out to conservative Democrats and Independents to draw them in, telling the crowd in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, to ask 10 people a simple question: “Are they happy with the way the country is headed?”

And, if not, “Tell them I am the candidate for change,” Oz said.

Former Governor of South Carolina and U.S. Ambassador to the United…

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