Media working overtime to protect Biden from “Let’s Go Brandon”: Sean Duffy


Sean Duffy says the media and President Biden can’t escape “Let’s Go Brandon” at “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Monday. The chant has become a euphemism that expresses a high level of contempt for President Biden’s first year acting. More recently, Oregon’s father, Jared Schmeck, told Biden the phrase directly on a public phone call on Christmas Eve. After that, Schmek faced a quick backlash from legacy media.

No matter how ridiculous or serious the phrase is, thanks to a man named Jared Schmeck, Joe Biden has reached an embarrassing new height. Joe Biden couldn’t escape “Let’s go to Brandon” even while he was chasing Santa Claus on Christmas Eve after receiving a public call.

The clip is now a virus sensation. Not surprisingly, Biden’s allies in the media stormed his defense. It’s not a problem to claim that Jared Schmeck jokingly said “Let’s Go…

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