McConnell Visits NKY to Discuss Vaccination Progress, Brent Spence Bridge


Senator Mitch McConnell spoke at St. Elizabeth’s Training and Education Center (SETEC) in Erlanger to give updates on the federal government’s progress in overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic. Alongside the senator was Garren Colvin, the hospital network’s President and CEO, and Angela Brunemann, Director of St. Elizabeth’s Ambulatory/Outpatient Pharmacy, who gave more regional updates about the administration of COVID-19 vaccines. 

Colvin stated that the SETEC is the primary vaccination site for the hospital’s administration of vaccines, but also mentioned the importance of remote sites, like the one located at the BB&T arena in Highland Heights. He also said that at this point, more than 82,000 residents in our region have been vaccinated and that he expects to reach herd immunity by mid-May. 

Brunemann spoke about the extreme interdepartmental coordination that was required to…

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