Matured Trumpism Is A More Serious Threat Than Trump Himself – OpEd – Eurasia Review


The fundamental question for many international observers and even American citizens in the run-up to the Congressional elections is Trump or Trumpism’s place in the American political structure. After a series of bitter events for Trump and his supporting groups, including the failure in the presidential election, the attack of Trump supporters on Congress, the discovery of top-secret government documents in Trump’s residence in Mara Lago, the possibility of filing a lawsuit or the or preventing him running for the upcoming presidential elections, it can be said that the star of fortune of this showman, investor, and politician is waning. 

But everyone believes that the shadow of Trump’s evil will not go away from the United States and the world forever, and the damaging actions of his administration can be repeated again in American history. Even if Trumpism is no longer…

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