Marjorie Taylor Greene’s road to becoming vice president, first she must perfect the Pence gaze


Marjorie Taylor Greene is a good case study of someone who has expressed belief in outlandish conspiracy theories (see  “Marjorie Taylor Greene Goes Full Kook With Mass Shooting Conspiracy Theory”) in a rather convincing way. She goes far beyond just building an entire movement on the lie that the election was stolen as Trump has. Trump avoids jumping into the fever swamp of QAnon lunacy the way she has.

Whether Greene believes the cray-cray she spouts is impossible to ascertain, however she must know that the only way she’ll ever come close to assuming a higher office is to convince Trump she’d be the perfect running mate for him. Consider:


If Trump is going to select her as his running, uh, mate, the Christian nationalist will have to perfect the Pence patented worshipful gaze.


See: Mike Pence’s adoring gaze at President Trump and…

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