Marin IJ Readers’ Forum for Dec. 25, 2021 – Marin Independent Journal


Many options for desal plant locations in Marin

I think it seems likely that California and Marin Municipal Water District officials will soon mandate permanent water rationing as part of their strategy to manage our supplies. I think this is extreme.

We are being forced to kill our private and public lawns, prevented from building swimming pools, not wash our cars on driveways and take “Navy” showers. Agencies should provide us with water levels like during nondrought years. We will pay for it.

Bringing Sacramento Valley water here via a pipeline on the bridge is a good idea but only if the object is to pump water into our reservoirs when natural runoff is not enough. If these lakes do not hold enough, dredge them deeper and raise dams.

At the state level, we need more storage capacity. The Sierra Nevada snowpack is like a reservoir, holding water and releasing it gradually as…

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