Marco Rubio is tweeting through the Russia-Ukraine war — for a reason


On Tuesday alone, the Republican tweeted three times with maps breaking down his observations of Russian military movements. And he volunteered last week that he wished he could say more about Vladimir Putin’s mental state, suggesting he was aware of non-public U.S. assessments of the Russian leader’s health.

It’s a highly unusual display of transparency from a senior senator on the Intelligence Committee who gets regular, bipartisan briefings on high-level U.S. assessments. But Rubio is comfortable parsing Russia’s war in public, saying he isn’t revealing anything classified or sensitive, even as critics slam his tweets as irresponsible and unverified. He says he’s using any tools he can to convince Americans to care about the violence in Ukraine.

“[Americans] want to understand what our role in all of this is — why America should care, why it matters, what’s…

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