Mafia boss caught after 20 years following Google Maps blunder — RT World News


Italian police have credited the app with capturing a photo of a crime group leader who’d been in hiding since 2002

Anti-Mafia authorities in Italy have credited a Google Street View picture for revealing the location of a member of Sicily’s Stidda Mafia group who escaped a Rome prison in 2002 partway through a life sentence for murder.

Gioacchino Gammino was convicted of murder and other Mafia-related crimes in 1998, and had been on Italy’s list of most wanted criminals. He escaped prison three years later, during the making of a film. He was detained in the town of Galapagar, near the Spanish capital of Madrid, where he had been living, working as a chef, and running a greengrocers’ shop, having assumed the name Manuel.

Police in Sicily had been searching for the 61-year-old for several years, and a European arrest warrant had been issued in 2014. However,…

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