Longest-serving Sheriff Ed Darnell of Bamberg County dies | Crime & Courts


The longest-serving sheriff in South Carolina died at age 85 Tuesday night, according to his family.

Former Bamberg County Sheriff Ed Darnell was 84 years old when he decided not to seek re-election in 2020, citing declining health.

“Sheriff Darnell was an absolute institution in our association,” S.C. Sheriff’s Association Executive Director Jarrod Bruder said.

“He befriended, mentored and led so many sheriffs over his 43 years in office. He has had an undeniable impact on the law enforcement profession in South Carolina and will certainly be missed by many, especially his fellow sheriffs,” Bruder said.

Darnell was the third-longest-serving sheriff in the U.S.

“I’ve known him since I began my law enforcement career in 1993. He truly dedicated his whole life to law enforcement. He’s going to be missed,” said Bamberg County Sheriff Kenny Bamberg, who was…

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