Liz vs. Nikki – The Bulwark


On Tuesday night, Liz Cheney conceded that she had lost the Republican primary to keep her seat in Congress. But her eyes were on a bigger threat. Donald Trump’s successful campaign to oust her, through the candidacy of election denier Harriet Hageman, was just one battle in a larger war against American democracy. And Cheney is determined to win that war.

Cheney’s clarity about the gravity of this crisis, and about the urgency of meeting it, reflects her hawkish roots. Like her father, she’s vigilant in America’s defense. But she understands that foreign terrorists and dictators aren’t the only threats to our country. The United States can also be destroyed by despots and extremists within.

This resolve distinguishes Cheney from Nikki Haley, another woman who might soon run for president. Haley, the former governor of South Carolina, served as Trump’s ambassador to the…

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