Little River Resident Asks Dukes To Explain Photos and Family Comments Posted MyrtleBeachSC News


Brooksville/Little River resident Derrick Gore stumbled upon a 2015 photo of Jenna Dukes’ father, Denver Stacy, draped in a confederate flag. Dukes is running for Horry County Council District 1.

Today, he went on camera asking the Horry County Council District 1 candidate to explain: her sharing the photo with her father, her own comments, and the timing of these events.

“Never the wrong time to do the right thing,” Derrick Gore

The confederate flag photo was shared by Dukes just as Governor Nikki Haley scheduled the removal of the Confederate Flag from the State House Capital. The photo was shared by Dukes just weeks after Dylann Roof shot 9 people at a Charleston, S.C. Bible study.

Another article, covered initially by the Burlington, NC TimesNews was later picked up by the Huffington Post. The cover of that article is seen as pictured here:

Denver Stacy, Jenna…

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