Lindsey Graham calls for Putin to be killed, Internet replies ‘sit this one out’


South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham caused a massive uproar on Twitter on March 3, 2022, after calling for Russian President Vladimir Putin to be assassinated. The shocking tweet, which is still up at the time of publication was met with widespread condemnation and trolling, as many users noted how the GOP rallied around Putin even days after he began his invasion of Russia. 

While Russia continues its violent and brutal campaign in Ukraine, over in the US, there appears to be more division than unity over the response. On February 24, Rep. Eric Swalwell caused an uproar when he tweeted “Republicans are rooting for the Russians.” In part, that does appear to be true, thanks to none other than Donald Trump himself. In several comments since the war began, Trump has praised Putin as a “genius”. So far, no Republicans have come forward to reprimand Trump, at least…

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