Like Aurora’s pole cat, 2021 has left us stranded without a ladder


“Colorado cat rescued after days atop 36-foot-tall pole in Aurora” was my favorite headline of 2021.  Frankly, nothing personifies 2021 better than that — a hapless feline stranded atop a utility pole without the wherewithal to get down.

We, too, are stuck where we don’t want to be thanks to poor decision-making. In 2021, crime rates rose. Vagrant camps spread. Denver beat smog champions New Delhi and Shanghai for worst air quality among major cities this summer. Although lifesaving COVID vaccines came available early in the year, some Coloradans refused them and hospital ICUs once again filled up. Ill served by school shutdowns and online education, academic performance plummeted. And, inflation is rising at the fastest pace in 39 years.

It wasn’t all bad, though; election conspiracy theories got roasted thanks to folks in Grand Junction, not chupacabra Illuminati…

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