Letters to the Editor: Nov. 25, 2021 | Letters To The Editor



TO THE EDITOR: Several years ago, Elise Stefanik was rightfully upset during her re-election campaign when an opponent referred to her as “Elsie the Cow.”

It was tasteless then, and it is tasteless now. And she was right to call him out on it, and the voters were right and proper to reject him for it.

So you would think that she would show some empathy with the victims of Representative Paul Gosar’s totally tasteless video and vote for censure, having been the victim of and having called out the person who allowed his campaign to a use derogatory phrase on her.

But she did not. She seems to believe that if the victim is not to her liking then all is fair, even if by comparison the offense is many times greater that the one that was directed at…

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