Letters to the Editor — Mitch McConnell headline, STAAR testing, police settlements, Tom Thumb, Photos of the Year magazine, R.I.P. mountain lion


What will it take?

Re: “McConnell accepts that Biden won — Most Texas Republicans in Congress — including Cruz — keep holding out,” Wednesday news story.

It is alarming that a headline is needed saying that Mitch McConnell accepts that Joe Biden has won the election over a month after the election was called. It sounds like Biden hadn’t really won until the majority leader agreed. Predictably, the Texas governor, attorney general and Sen. Ted Cruz have not even gone this far. This is a direct affront to our democracy. I refuse to believe that any intelligent citizen is not aware that the ridiculous claims of a rigged election are fabrications.

Michael Berger, Plano

Show us how testing works

Re: “STAAR will show educators the way — Assessments are vital during pandemic to identify obstacles to learning,” by Margaret Spellings, Monday Opinion.

Public education is the…

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